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Gimp tutorial: Hold your own head
Gimp tutorial: How to make it look like you're holding your own head.
No votes yet06/07/2009Play
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Editing a Sunset for Vivid Contrast and Colors in Lightroom
How to make your sunset shots really 'pop'.
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Editing A Landscape In Lightroom
Tips on editing landscapes in Lightroom.
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Photoshop - Colour Exclusion
Colour exclusion in Photoshop
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Gimp tutorial: Depth of Field
Gimp tutorial: Creating Depth of Field
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Detail Sharpening in Photoshop
How to sharpen a photograph.
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Selective colour inside Adobe Camera RAW
Editing with Adobe Camera RAW
No votes yet26/11/2009Play
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Painted border effect with Photoshop RAW
How to create a painted border effect in Photoshop.
No votes yet07/03/2012Play
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