Image Editing
None-Photoshop based editing techniques using programs such as Corel Paint Shop Pro and The Gimp.
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Shoot Panoramics with a long lens
Long lens Panoramas have a different look to them
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How To Remove Fences From Photos
Tips on how to remove fences from shots taken at zoos
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How to fix shadows and highlights in Lightroom
Fixing shadows and highlights in Lightroom
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Just One Colour
How to use just one colour in an image successfully.
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Colour Popping With Style
Colour Popping tips for Lightroom.
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5 Minute Photoshop: The Clone Tool
Tips on using the Clone Tool in Photoshop.
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Pseudo HDR - Creative Lightroom Episode 5
How to give an image the HDR feel in Lightroom.
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Two tricks with Curves - Creative Lightroom 4
Tutorial on using Curves in Lightroom.
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